China C & C: Potential Problems

Now I have finished my first (ever) season in China I feel there is the need for a brief look forward at the possibility of meeting the goals for the saves. Obviously a key part of developing a country’s national team is improving the domestic league, however, I have spotted some potential problems that could occur in an attempt to develop the nation.

Super League awards

PoYThe main problem/issue I have seen with the league is the domination of foreign players. As the screenshot shows, no Chinese player has won the Player of the Year award for 7 years. This is very much an accurate look at the league, where foreign players dominate teams. While it is good that young Chinese talent get exposure to these big names and quality players, it would be nicer to see a Chinese player winning Player of the Year. ToYA similar picture is painted when looking at the team of the year. Not a single Chinese player is featured in the attack or midfield. Cynically, I believe the only reason the defence and goalkeeper features Chinese players is because teams foreign players are generally attacking. golden bootSimilarly to the Player of the Year award, no Chinese player has won the Golden Boot for 7 years. I would love to see a Chinese player holding the Golden Boot at the end of the 2015 season, and this may become a little target of mine.

Finally, an issue with the national team, there is currently ZERO senior squad players playing outside China. This needs to change.


This may seem a little nit-picky but I found it quite annoying how the foreigners (promise I’m not Farage) dominate awards. Surely a change to this pattern will be an indication in the quality of Chinese players. Thanks for reading, as always feedback is appreciated in the comment section or on Twitter.

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