Talent Cycle #1: Player Selection

After highlighting the plans for player development at Hangzhou in the last post, it is time to put it into action.

Tier 1

‘The five potentially best youth players, selected with the aim of a minimum of three being first team regulars in two years’

#1 – Ge Qipeng

ge qip

Centre-back Ge Qipeng already has decent(ish) technical defensive attributes. Match time and his 12 determination should see him grow into a solid defender.

#2- Wang Hongliang

wang hong

Two feet, excellent technique and a model professional personality, yet my coaches don’t really rate him? Miles from the finished product I am hoping Wang has plenty of growing to do yet (sorry).

#3- Bi Jie

bi jie

Determined, brave, aggressive and decent mobility means Bi Jie has some potential in him. Not sure what the overall plan is with him at the moment, but a change of position could be in order.

#4- Jin Shuang

Jin Shuang

Good determination & pace along with not awful crossing and dribbling means Jin Shuang could potentially be a decent wide man.

#5- Guo Xiaolong

guo xiaolong

Excellent with the ball at his feet Guo could cause problems in the CSL at the moment, and with time hopefully he will become a versatile attacking outlet. An unambitious personality needs altering however.

Tier 2

Not going to waste any time giving screenshots here, but here are a few names who may make an impact one day:

  • Hong Xuan
  • Quan Nannan
  • Yan Wenjie
  • Bi Cheng
  • Zhang Wang
  • Cao Ying


As you can see the quality is not mind blowing. The only one who I could perhaps foresee get near the national team one day is Ge Qipeng. Perhaps effective development may change this, we will have to see. Hopefully one day I will look back on this cycle with joy, whilst surrounded by a homegrown team of world beaters.

Thanks for reading, hopefully more interesting things to come!



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