Hangzhou & China Review – 2015

2015 was always going to see a drop domestically after the previous years heroics, and the switch in emphasis to an all Chinese squad in a league in which teams rely on foreign players was going to be difficult. Anyway, what follows is how the season panned out with both Hangzhou and China, along with some news to do with the save.


chinese super league

As mentioned in the introduction, a drop from last years 4th position was what I was expecting.

league table

The board was expecting a mid table finish and so squeezing into the top half was nice, although it could have been better. A poor run of 4 straight defeats in the last 4 games (following 5 straight wins) saw us slide down to 8th. However, considering the youth in our squad it’s still a decent season. It may be a while till anyone catches up with Vagner Love inspired Shandong.

A nice thing was to see the Young Player of the Year’s nominations (excuse the strange screenshot):

young player of year EDITSix nominations is nice to see from my young team, which is fundamentally used to produce national team players. None of them won however, that instead went to national team attacking midfielder  Wu Lei. Those who saw last seasons squad review will recognise some names from last year, and Li Lie and Li Songyi  where new signings who performed brilliantly, with the later pushing around the national team squad.

Chinese Fa cup

fa cupThe board demand we be ‘competitive’ in the FA cup, and a loss on penalties in the quarter finals didn’t please them, as you would ‘have preferred to be more competitive’.

asian champions league

After finishing 4th last year we entered the ACL in the East 2nd qualifying round. I was excited for my first experience in the competition, things did not go to plan though.

aclLosing on penalties to a Thai team was not what I had in mind, and I was really annoyed to go out so early while I was still trying to get the 4-3-3 going.

player performance

xie pengPlayer of the season was Xie Pengfei. He mainly played as a striker, although occasionally on the right hand side. 9 goals, 4 assists and 3 PoM’s was a very good return for his first full season in the CSL.

gui xiaYoung player of the year was Guo Xiaolong who’s excellent dribbling allowed him to score 2 outstanding goals. He was one of the players highlighted in the talent cycle, which will have a mid-cycle post coming soon.

chen haoThe biggest disappointment of the season was Chen Hao. A new signing this year, his attribute led me to believe he would be a good DLF, and his mental attributes particularly impressed me. 3 goals, 2 assists and  penalty miss from 21 appearances left a lot to be desired and better will be required next year.


chinaResults since the Asia Cup have been excellent. World Cup qualifying has begun, and Asia has 5 places on offer. It starts with a group stage in which the winners and the best four second place teams qualify for a second group stage of two groups. The top two of those two groups qualify for the World Cup, and the two 3rd placed teams have a play off to reach the intercontinental playoffs. Complicated I know. This is what our group looks like currently:

gorupAs you can see we our destroying the group. While our last two results don’t look particularly impressive, I see it as 6 points from 2 away games.

The favourites for WC qualification are probably Japan, South Korea, Australia and Iran, although Saudi Arabia and Qatar will be looking  to sneak in. Personally I think on our day we could beat all those teams. Consistency will be needed to get an automatic place, which is basically what is needed considering Asia is probably the weakest continent and we’d struggle to win an intercontinental play off. Overall I’m quietly confident of making it to Russia.


Decent year domestically, and a much better year than 2014 with the national team. I’m really starting to get into the national side of things. However, I’m anticipating a break from this save. I can’t warrant the time needed to suitably develop players and the nation during the run up to my AS exams, and so I probably won’t be returning to this save till after my exams (June-ish), except for one more post on the Talent Cycle.

I am going to continue posting though until then, but with more of a classic, less time consuming save. Hopefully this will still be entertaining for everyone who wishes to reads it. I can’t be bothered to check this post over so sorry for any grammatical/spelling errors.

Thanks for reading, every view is massively appreciated, and hopefully see you soon. 

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