FM16 – AC Milan

I haven’t posted for a while (understatement), but my struggles on Football Manager 2016 have pushed me back to the blog. I’ve tried saves with Tottenham, Ajax, Independente, and more, but I just can’t seem to get into a save. By posting my updates on here I’m hoping it will give me the motivation to carry a save over a long period, and push through any difficult periods.

So, AC Milan. I’ve never really had much of a save in Italy, which is strange considering my love for Serie A and the nation as a whole. My first impression of the squad was good, not great, but good enough for a top 6 finish at least. And luckily, the board target is for a Europa League spot, although the media are predicting us second surprisingly. As has been the case with AC Milan in recent years, there is a number of elderly, over-paid players. There’s so many of them though that I didn’t feel comfortable moving out such a large chunk of the squad. Here’s the business I have done:

transfersAt 33 years old, Mexes was not really warranting a 54k wage and first team squad status. We also have very good options at centre back, so off he went to Everton. Antonio Nocerino is a decent player, but with better options in the middle of midfield and at the age of 30, it was time to cash-in and ‎€3.9 million was decent enough. There was also a couple of loan moves for youngsters sorted by my Director of Football. The loan moves for Mario Balotelli and Alessia Cerci where also cancelled. I’m a big fan of both players, but they were on very big wages and I couldn’t see them fitting into my tactical plans.

I also tried to get rid of Ricardo Montolivo as he’s in the last year of his contract, but there was no takers. I’m hoping to shift a few more players out during this first year as my squad isn’t particularly balanced at the moment, and with no European football, I can manage with a smaller squad.

My only signing was the young Italian striker Andrea Belotti.

BelottiI may have overspent on him as he’d only just moved to Torino. He looks like he could develop into a very good all-round striker, and he’s Italian which is very helpful. The ‎€18 million fee took out most off my transfer kitty so I’ll have to sell to bring anyone in during the rest of the season.

I’m looking at playing a 4-4-2 this season, and the board are expecting me to play attacking football. My starting XI is likely to be as follows:

starting XI








My target for the season is to reach the Europe League places at least. I’ve already gotten to October and been offered a new 4 year contract, so it’s fair to say it’s going pretty well at the moment. I’ll either do an update in January or at the end of the season, depending on how the season pans out.

It’s been quite a short post as it’s my first for a while, hopefully it’s readable! Thanks, and I hope you return next time.

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