AC Milan: Season 2 [Sacked]

It so often seems that every Football Manager blogger has the divine touch when it comes to this game we’ve all obsessed over. From creating unstoppable tactics, to developing unbelievable players, success never seems to be too far away. I wish I could say the same. I’m sure you will all, my fellow mere mortals, be able to relate to the following post.


So what went wrong? I think I’d have to take responsibility and say my tactics. The success of the first season, and a 2nd place finish, was achieved largely playing 4-4-2. However, this was completely abandoned after reading a piece on Bayern Munich’s 2-3-5 that Guardiola has employed at times this season. I thought it looked like fun, so I tried to adopt it with my Milan team.

I tried a number of different variants of the shape, but the results weren’t great, and the team never really played the way I wanted. We got the odd big win, such as beating Genoa 6-1, but largely we were found out against teams who simply played quickly, directly, and exploited the large spaces we left behind us as we attacked.

serie a resultscup results

The results in Serie A were extremely poor. I thought for a while my Champions League performance may save me as the board weren’t expecting me to get out the group. After the 1-0 loss to Frosinone the board set me a target of 9 points from the next 5 games, which I thought would be achievable. By this time I’d become more tactically traditional, using a possession hungry 4-3-3. However, 1 win, 1 loss, and 2 draws meant I didn’t even reach the fifth game, and I was relieved of my duties.

serie a table

We were in 13th place, which definitely isn’t good enough. I think I’d started to turn it round once I went for a more reliable tactic, but it seemed the damage had already been done. What I am most frustrated about is that I had actually created a really exciting squad, the youngest in Serie A.


I made some excellent summer signings in my opinion. The squad also had 4 players labelled as wonderkids. I’m sure this team will go on to do very well with a new manager who can get the best out of the talent I have accumulated at the club. I also still had €100 million in the transfer budget to spend.

Looking Forward

This save so far has really shown to me my struggles when it comes to tactics on FM16. Everything I try seems to end up with my team having about 60% possession, constantly camped on the edge of the opposition box, but never creating chances. I’m yet to solve these issues, but hopefully I will be able to at my next club. The first season at Milan should stand me in good stead for a decent sized job.

Hopefully there will be a new update soon, with a new club, and much more success. Thanks for reading.

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