Toulouse FC: Resigning

On this save I am yet to complete more than one full season at a single club. Last season had given me hope that the team could continue to improve on the 8th placed finish, and even push up toward the European positions. As you may have guessed from he title of this piece, however, things have not gone to plan.

Basically, my ambitions were not even close to being met by the club. In the last update I showed the initial budgets I’d been provided by the board. They were about €60k in the wage budget, and only €1 million for transfers. Considering how I’d far exceeded expectations last year, while at the same time receiving a net profit in the transfer market, it was disappointing.  To make things even worse, the board only were allowing me to keep 35% of the transfer revenue, so selling to raise funds was also going to be difficult.

For the team to move up the league, I was going to have to improve the personnel available to me. The lack of funds meant I’d have to scrap around the free transfer and loan market.


I admittedly did make a mistake in the transfer market. After Felipe Gedoz’s excellent season, his value had skyrocketed and there was interest growing in him. I saw the chance to raise enough spending money to improve the squad overall. However, a stalled too long on an offer for Gedoz, which then meant I ended up selling him for far less than his value. Taking into account the very low amount of the revenue I’d have available to me, I was left with a couple of million to replace my best player.

Ravel Morrison was signed as the direct replacement. Attributes wise he isn’t too far off Gedoz, but he’s yet to show in his career a performance level that meets these attributes.

Despite only spending €2.37 million I still think I’d made some good signings. Gomez from Barcelona would add tremendously to my backline, and Tolgay Arslan provided more creativity to the midfield. The investment overall was never going to be enough to improve the squad though. I’ve built a solidly mid table side, but I needed at least €10 million to take the team to the next level in my opinion.


The first 3 games were promising. The tactical tweaks I’d made during preseason seemed to be working. However, only scoring in one of the next 7 games proved to me that the team wouldn’t be able to improve on last years performances. We were spurning so many chances because of a lack of quality, which added to my frustration about how little funds I’d been provided. More evidence of a lack of ambition was provided to me when I organised a team meeting after the Stade Malherbe Caen game to suggest we were playing ok, but could do better. The team were massively offended, and claimed they were doing absolutely fine.


We were sat right in the middle. I couldn’t see anyway that we were going to improve on last year, and as I’m in the last year of my contract, seeing out a dull, mediocre season doesn’t appeal to me. I’ll be leaving Toulouse in a better place than when I joined, and I’m sure they’ll remain a Ligue 1 club for the foreseeable future. I’ve enjoyed my time at Toulouse, but not enough to stay any longer. Au revoir.

Looking Forward

It has been a while on Football Manager since I’ve felt an attachment within a save. Probably not since FM13 and my Woking academy save have I bonded with a club. That’s what I want to rediscover with my next team. I’ll probably look for a new team within the current save. I want to build a club, with a specific playing style and ethos. For now I’ll have to think about what that means, and find a club to put it into practice.

Thanks for reading this update, hopefully see you next time.


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